New score system should be stopped

We have received a score from our guest gave us a 10,10,7.5,10,10,7.5 out of 6 categories with a good comment, which should generate a 9.2 for overall score, but we are getting a 2.0 it is the lowest score we have ever received since the hotel opened. We have been asking for a solution with booking .com team but the result is shown very negative. This score has dramatically lower our overall score from 9.0 to 8.9. 

It is quiet unfair for us getting such score, the new score system is making no sense to us. 

Also scores like getting 10 on all the 6 categories but only getting a overall score 9. 




new score system

Dream Home Sel…

Thank you Isle of Wight, 

I will have a look, this new score system is very frustrating...