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New! Traveller Review Awards Shop!!!

Hello guys!!!

Have you placed your order to the New Traveller Review Awards Shop???

I have problems logging in...

Please give your suggestions...

Happy Valentines Day!!!



New! Traveller Review Awards Shop

Visit our brand new online shop to pick up Traveller Review Awards products – all personalised with your award score.


Visit the shop


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry, but when I visit the shop and log in with my email and password it says invalid???

Have you ordered???

M Adamopoulou

I dont understand why I received this message from

Please let me know what I did wrong??? 

..."We’ve edited the following post to remove any inappropriate or private information. This also includes any content that qualifies as incoherent, irrelevant or duplicated. New! Traveller Review Awards Shop!!!"...

Thanks for your kind support....


yep there is a lot of that messing going on by the community team,

and no replies to my requests to elaborate and link the actual issue, its infuriating.

Also I tested with my Extranet logon and it does not work for me either.

Le Balcon des Jasses

I got the same, and I never receive my 2019 Award....

But now closed and nobody knows how long.

Sad sad sad.....

All my booking from yesterday to the 15 April, cancelled.

But its more important, we are safe, so far.

Stay safe, try to have fun. 

Hi from Lucy

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Lucy,

Very Sorry to hear about your cancellations...very sad situation for the whole world...

“We stay at 🏡 “ is the only solution for the safety of all of us.

Wish you well...

Community Admin

Hi M Adamopoulou


We are sorry to hear that you have troubles to login to Traveller Review Awards Shop.


You should be able to login with your login name and password (the same that you are using for Extranet). If it did not work, please log out of the Extranet, clear the browsing history and cookies and try to log in again.


Good luck!

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Communnity Admin., for your reply but I have been trying since yesterday  to log in through different devices but nothing works.  Even tried to reset passward but although there was a message saying you will be notified in your email box nothing came....

I even called my local support team but couldnt help me.

Please give us feedback if something changes...

Thanks again for supporting.

M Adamopoulou

In addition please explain why the post is edited. I dont understand...

Thanks for your kind cooperation.

Aaltje B.

Traveller reward system not working. 


Sleep well Northern Hemisphere Hosts. 


The login to the shop for me was:

Login: email address (of the property)

Password: property ID


It also been a month since I placed and paid for the order and still wasn't shipped yet. Also when I login back to shop, I don't see any order history or status of my pending order. It's all empty.  

M Adamopoulou

I finally managed to log in but didn’t order anything,  I found prices too high for me.

pibomarco, Wish you receive your order very soon and let us know if products are what you expected to be.

Wish you well.