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No show with Bangkok adr

Hello.  I had a recent booking a  few days ago that said there was no credit card information.  I did not think that much about it since they are not generally viewable. The booking was for 4 nights and two people.  The address was Bangkok which I found odd.  Now it is no show day and my advice is to try and reach then and charge 50 percent    The problem is neither works and now am beginning to understand that this sight allows this kind of thing to happen and now I’ve lost money.  Why would there be an allowable address that does not allow a partner to bill, and basically get screwed out of money and time?



Hi Russell,


This sounds a lot like no prepayment.


If that's the case and you normally take payment on arrival then yes that's a major issue.

There is really no comeback.

Even if you had a Virtual Terminal /epos. to send them a payment link by SMS, email etc. it still would not guarantee payment.


Switch to prepayment

or prepayment via BdC aka Payments by BdC