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Non refundable booking

I had a guest make a non refundable booking (obviously at a discounted rate) 

the guest then contacted and said they couldn’t make that time and could they have a refund .

I agreed in good faith to give them back about half of their rate once they cancelled the booking (to allow the the calendar to reopen ) 

I contacted her x3 times to say please cancel your booking .

finally I advised that if she didn’t cancel 1 month before booking (COB 9th June) No refund would be applicable .

She responded on the 10 th and said she would sort on the 11th 

Today (the 13th) she has modified the booking and has had the booking rate (non RF ,mobile rate ,and genius discounts all applied) 

I am really unhappy with the rate she has managed .

How is it that a non refundable booking can have a date change applied … how is it non refundable.

We have lost complete booking payments when we have not been able to follow up booking ourselves and not been able to “modify “ booking !

additionally I am extremely frustrated that I can’t find a direct contact number for booking .com help centre 

I would really appreciate some assistance 










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Didem - Commun… 2 months ago

Thank you for tagging me here, BrookAve, and for replying to Tania Paterson!

Tania Paterson, I am sorry to hear that.  

I would like to share this article on "Setting up a Non-Refundable Rate" with you in case it is helpful:

Additionally, as BrookAve also mentioned, this is how to call our teams for support:

They will be able to see your property details and help you with this reservation.

Let us know please how it goes if you want to. Wishing you a nice day ahead!

Eva Flatscher 2 months ago

Hello Didem,

how come does not pay its partners?

How come does not reply to requests?

How come?

I have not received payouts for reservations 2474110853 (15 of May) and 2207715662 )5th of May). But instead of addressing the issue, I get generic answers: "We have reported the incident to the department in charge. If necessary, we will contact you again." But the issue never gets resolved and keeps the money guest paid to stay at our facility. Is now not just keeping the commission but the complete payment - and lets hosts work for free?

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BrookAve 2 months ago


Sorry but no,  stop hijacking Eva, go vent in your own topic you create, now get out of this one and go make it. Eva Flatscher

Eva Flatscher 2 months ago

Aren't you interested in getting paid? You like to work for free?

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BrookAve 2 months ago


EVA get out of here and make your own topic!!!! now!!!


stop pissing off the hand that helps you when you need it.

Eva Flatscher 2 months ago

I want a solution , meaning BDC owes me money, I want this money and then we part for good....

Eva Flatscher 2 months ago has paid out to my bank account for two years, it is verified.

Now you stop payouits in clear breach of contract. You refuse to communicate and give an explanation for what is going on.

I want the 1654 USD owed to me and then I will immediately close my account.

BDCs business practices are completely unacceptable.


Isle of Wight … 18 days ago

Tania, the idea of using non-refundable to to make it non-refundable. Don't give refunds. Guests will use all sorts of excuses to cancel and get their money back, if you let them. Don't let them.