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Non-Refundable bookings made before Tier 4

Hi all,  

I have a similar issue, in which a Guest has booked on the 9th Dec 2020, for Check-in 23rd Dec 2020 - Check-out 30th Dec 2020.  

We have a flexible 'Refundable' policy and a cheaper 'Non-Refundable' policy.  

-The Guest booked a Non-Refundable booking policy.

-When Tier 4 guidance was announced, the Guest has requested a free cancellation.

-We have offered a 30% reduction in our cancellation fee. And 15% off first new booking in 2021.

-Guest is refusing and threatening legal action for a full refund.


Any advice on this?  

My understanding from talking to is, as the Guest booked in a time frame where they were aware of the Second Covid-19 Wave, we are not entitled to refund any amount. Additionally I am hesitant to mark them as 'No-Show' as I believe we would in effect be responsible for Cancelling the booking, not the Guest.  

We are still open to provide accommodation for those who fall within certain exemptions of travel for Tier 4 areas.


Many thanks,


Hamjam 1 year ago

Nevermind, I got my answer. Thanks