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Non-refundable rate and minimum #days before booking

Does anybody understand why in Monthly Calendar / List view you can not change the minimum #days in advance for bookings for the non-refundable rate?


We are now dealing with the situation that the non-refundable rate is offered in the window where regular rates can already no longer be refunded, e.g. with a flexible policy of 3 days, our refundable rate stays open up to the arrival date?


We are now forced to update on a daily basis, by closing the refundable rate for the upcoming 3 days. 

I can not imagine, that this is proper way to do it?


Help is much appreciated !

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Hi Mark,


Do me a favour have a quick run through this:

Managing Availability by BrookAve



I suspect you dont have this feature enabled.

myimage<<< if you cant see this in Calendar List view you need to request the hidden fields to be enabled.


You can enter as a numeric value [defaults to days] or xh for hours.


Its not clear from above if you have already done so.

This would need to be set per rate plan /promotion. where  required.



Kind Regards


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