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not bookable

Good morning,


I got the mail below. Is this the partner support line?



Thank you for reaching out to

We're truly sorry for any inconvenience and understand how frustrated you might've felt.

I checked the current status of accommodation ID *** and the status is not "bookable". Please kindly contact our partner support line to open the calendar and get further help.

Thank you for your time and again we sincerely apologize for inconvenience.





No, this is not the support line.  This is the partner forum.  To contact the help team use the Inbox icon on Extranet.



Hi Katja en Martijn Werlich - van Ulft


Welcome to the Partner Community, you are only addressing fellow partners. BdC Support Team will never see this.

What you can review in Extranet to determine cause of : Not Bookable.


1. Confirm that you received the Location Verify code and have applied it?  

2. Open Rate Plans and confirm they have a value set.  

3. Open Calendar  in List View and on left expand all Rate Plans , then review under the dates that there are no null values.  Also check that room is actually marked Open, and available count is =>1.






Kind Regards


Contact BdC :Extranet - Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods

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