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offers for different kind of guests

Hello to booking team,

I have got a question: I want to do a special offer for pilgrims ( less money to pay) so how can I do the offer, so that they know, only pilgrims can book it? If I do the normal offer I cannot sperate between any kind of guests and pilgrims, this is not you have a trick to do it? 

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Yvonne Leduck

Welcome to Partner Community; you are only addressing Partners and Community Team.

This is not the same as BdC Support.


  • The simply answer is you cant. As you cannot pre screen to determine it.  
  • However You could do it as a cash back type offer after checkout.  
  • Example: a pilgrim prepays the current offered rate after seeing a Photo with Text saying X Cashback for pilgrims.  
  • Your new reservation auto message needs a section for pilgrims on how to redeem, conditions, how to submit proof etc.  
  • Then upon check out and all is well. you can inform BdC support to adjust the payment to refund x% or a fixed amount back to Guest.

If you are taking payment and not using Payments By BdC, then you could simply do the cashback at the point of check out directly.




Kind Regards


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Yvonne Leduck 2 years ago

Hi! Ok that sounds goot, so I will do this. Where do I do the Cash back request and where is the best to leave the Text: Cash back payment for pilgrims.....

thanks a lot


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Put it:

  • Fine Print
  • Auto Message Template for New Reservations
  • Find a google images photo and add text on top.