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Open the rooms when the customer calcen the booking

If I have a room booked for 3 nights, and the customer cancel the booking the same day of the arrive, I need to open the room on booking site, but need I to open every day for the booked days or only one day (the same day) is enough to open completely the room? 

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jaybeegee 2 years ago

hello! typically if the booking is cancelled you do not need to change the status of your calendar to open for booking as it will get updated automatically. however you can check by going to your calendar and select the dates individually and see that the status is open! Another option is to go to and search for your property on the dates!

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

I agree with Jaybeegee 

Calendar is automatically updated...but I always check up that it’s updated because sometimes system doesn’t work properly.

Keep well.