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over booking

I just receives a booking.***.    1 augustus 2020 miss ***


This I can not receive Augustus 2 i am already vol.

Ihave already notified the guest,

please cancel this reservatin at no cost to the guest.


sjoukje Ziere

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BrookAve 2 years ago




You cant ask for someone else to cancel for you  on here. That is not a thing, nor service here.


You simply do it yourself in the Extranet.


Below is the method , steps I use, and it has served me well.


  1. Logon to Extranet
  2. open reservation, message guest of overbooking and it will be cancelled.
  3. now on right pane, click Request To Cancel ,and choose option 2.
  4. guest is notified, and must click on email to confirm.
  5. if prepaid to BdC , then the refund 100% , process starts.


Kind Regards


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