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over capacity


I am facing a tricky situation Please feel free to advice Thank you 

Guests have arrived yesterday They booked a cottage for 3 adults.

The cottage itself has a maximum capacity of 4 people older than 12 years (as kids are not welcome under 12). But they are now finally 3 adults + 2 children (under 12) so 5 people who want to stay in.

When I start to say that it is impossible for them 5 to stay in the little cottage, they made me guilty saying that "I cannot leave two children in the street" 

What can I say ? What can I do ? Do I have to accept the 5 people with only 4 beds available in the cottage ? Could it be a problem of insurance ? 

Thank you for your advice 


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Hi Veronique colfort


I understand but it really wasnt worth the agro and stress, just leave them be.


Next time weigh up if it worth saying anything versus loosing the entire booking due to relocation, and BdC may charge you relocation fee.


Its not an insurance issue from my PoV.



Kind Regards


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4 months ago