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Overall Review, what is the exact definition ???

Hi! everyone,

What exactly is the definition of the word “overall”???

In google search I found this definition..

“It's used when your general opinion about something is different from your opinion about some of the specific parts of it.”

Could this mean that although in all the Review  categories guests can rate the property with 10 ....their overall opinion about the property is 9 or 8 etc???

Do you think this is misleading guests when they review our properties???

Please let us have your opinions...



Psychological speaking there is no constant universal overall opinion, as minds differ, by chemical balance and cultural influences, etc


So unfortunately what is a overall scoring of 8 of 10, is seen to another as a 5 of 10 or 7 of 10 by 3 different people.

Aaltje B.

Ah well, let's not get too philosofical about it. 

We do our best. 

The team do their best ( I hope) 

Let's move on :) 

M Adamopoulou

Yes, I think we should do our best and move on...

I think informing our guests about this new review system will help us all understand better how to rate reviews.