I have 2 rooms both for 2 guests, but can only rent them out to 1 party due to having only one bathroom. I do not know how to put this on Booking.com: I found out now I am double booked, but I also do not know how to cancel this booking.

I have sent the guest a message, but that seems to be all I can do


Any advise how to fix both problems?


Thanks for any input




Isle of Wight …

Personally, I would list it as one property for up to 4 people - they pay the same whether it's one person or 2 or 4. That will save a lot of hassle.

If you prefer to rent as two separate rooms, only one of which can be used at any one time, it might be best to have 2 separate listings, one for each room, and link the calendars - if one room gets booked, the other should automatically get blocked. However, Booking.com calendar sync doesn't work properly - it often fails and owners get double bookings - so you will need to manually block for every booking. If you use AirBnB instead, you can do the same thing, 2 listings and link the calendars and the calendar sync will work. (Tip - don't make life difficult, keep things simple)

As for the double booking, you will need to send a message via your extranet - or phone booking.com - see Inbox > Booking.com Messges



As a homestay with 2 rooms as separate bookings and single shared house bathroom...


You can either list as one property with 'double room with shared bathroom', count of 2.

Or set the 2 rooms as separate room listings... for same property.

As long as yo list as shared bathroom and no ensuite, you're covered.


That's how I do it and have tried both ways


I have 2 rooms and 1 bathroom.  I have set it up as a main bedroom then the other as a lounge with tv, tea/coffee.  The sofa is a sofabed.  I have this set up as a Family Suite and the customer gets the whole space of 2 rooms and bathroom.  I can then let to up to 3 people (all in the same party) and make up the bed in the lounge area.  Then it is always the same party so the bathroom is private to them.  It also works well for friends travelling as they can have a bedroom each. 

Don Burns

I have a downstairs rental suite of two bedrooms, one bathroom and one TV lounge.  I do not rent the unused bedroom, unless they are friends and/or family of the guests.


As soon as one bedroom is booked, I immediately block the rental availability calendar of the unused bedroom for those dates.


Also, I have door locks on both bedroom doors.  Upon arrival, I ask the two guests which bedroom they wish to share if they rented only one bedroom.  Then, I lock the door to the unused bedroom.


We charge by the bedroom per-night.  Once I discovered two female guests each slept in both bedrooms.  I was cheated of a one-bedroom payment after they left.  The bedroom door locks solve that problem.