overbooking on 3rd-4th January


I have blocked our dates on airbnb 3th to 4th January at our Minang Villa but recently today I saw a booking from booking.com from 3-4th Jan which is already blocked by airbnb for the long term stay until 4th Jan.

Can you cancel the booking.com booking on that day?






Hi Hajar 


You only have 3 options. BdC Support will never see this to action or contact you.


As you have not said what he check in date is, I'm assuming its in the future.


Also you contradicted yourself about NOT waiving cancel fee, im assuming you actually meant to say, you authorise the waiving of the cancellation fee.


  1. Tell the guest to cancel via booking.com account - manage bookings.
    1. This is the option you want 100% of the time , its in your best interests. Otherwise you could end up with relocation invoice.  
  2. Partner [you] initiate cancellation
    1. Under the reservation details page on right pane you can request cancellations. Remember to message guest first and how they must click on accept/confirm in the system notification that will come after your message. Be smart how you word the message and avoid padding [unnecessary waffle].  
  3. Guest Or Partner phone /message BdC support to cancel.
    1. Last resort for you, and again relocation invoice could be possible depending on situation.


Once guest submits the cancel request, you get notified, and you can click to waive cancel fee.

If you start it by choosing option 2 you are waiving the cancel fee.


Note on  Overbookings .double boookings. If you take the risk of using 2 or more OTAs, then you also accept the risk of Calendar Sync (iCAL) not real time syncing.


For BdC calendar ical sync you cannot relie on it, it was never reliable. Only a 3rd party Channel Manager can resolve this scenario for long term use.  

e.g. CloudBeds, NoBeds, syncbnb, etc.


Merry Xmas