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Thanks so much for the award I received by email from My effort has paid off and now it's rewarded. I am happy and wish to share my happiness with you in the Community. I tried my best around every guest. Took care of his journey and welcome. Each of my guests who arrived at the destination was welcomed, honored with a welcome drink, familiar with the accommodation. The room must be spotlessly clean, not only under absolutely everything, dishes, utensils, toilets. As we are on the island each of our guests is greeted with homemade olive oil. We take care of bedding when staying and towels. On the beach, our guests can use our parasols and deck chairs. Depending on the length of stay we are obliged to treat the guest with lunch. We take care of our national dishes and the guests are really pleased. We are in the bay to which the gravel road leads. We let guests know that if they can't manage, we know how to meet them at the venue to make it easier for them to come. Throughout their stay with us, we really try to help them and make it easier to get around the island. Our guests feel at home with us. We are proud of that. Thank you so much for recognizing and rewarding us, we will be even better.

#Vesna Paunović

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Partner, congratulations and welcome to the Partner Community.

You are very thoughtful and your guests must love you.

Thank you for sharing your hospitality tips and please introduce yourself and let us admire beautiful pictures of your sweet place and island.