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We are located in Northern California (5 hours north of San Francisco) and our entire County has had very little exposure to COVID-19 with only 54 total cases.  Our county has deemed that all hotels can only accommodate locals until further notice.  How do we reopen our doors to only locals? Is this something that can be clearly stated on Booking.com so that guests see it while looking for a place to stay? I could make the address a mandatory field in our system and we would have to monitor all new bookings, but what good is that if it isn't made known globally through Booking.com and other OTA's?  Any advise on this concern? 


Hello Rebecca! Welcome to the Partner Community. Thanks for your post. I'm going to tag our most experienced and active partners, maybe they can give you advice.

Hi BrookAve, M Adamopoulou, Aaltje B., pibomarco! If you have a free minute, will you, please, share your thoughts? 



Hi Rebecca,


1. Enforce under policies the address and phone number must be provided.

2. Add a photo with text and arrange it to be first or second on photo gallery.

The text would be something short and concise to quick indicate to viewer that there is a temp restriction


3. update the automatic message template for new reservations so that first line/paragraph addresses it also.

4. Allow cancelations with in first x hours of reservation so when guest sees the first auto message saying bookings are limited currently to locals, and can then cancel their booking.


5. you will still need to review new bookings to catch those that just don't read anything, nor see anything in a timely manner.

6. there is a Guest Q&A FAQ feature - you could add it yourself as a guest, a question and then answer it when it appears in extranet.

7. add poster to the front of the office/check-in 

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Based on a current situation I beleive that most guests will not yet travel abroad. If they are going to, they will most likely get information about their travel destination or will contact the property before booking.

Le Balcon des Jasses

You are right, and I believe, the booking I have, people forgot to cancel. I have booked this month from the UK, 

But if I cancel, I will not get paid. 

(Do I follow Booking.com's policy?)

Hi from Lucy



Some (few) guests canceled their booking and the first night was charged as a cancelation fee based on our policy. If they didn't say anything then I accepted this payment and we got paid by BDC. If guest contacted us and asked for a full refund or change of dates we approved. 


If guest forgot to cancel, they will probably ask for a refund after you will mark booking as no-show (if they really forgot). 


In any scenario if guest requests a refund that must be accepted or at least should be offered new dates (modification), specially if there are restrictions in your country and guest is not able to come.

M Adamopoulou

Pibomarco you are so right!!!

People are afraid to travel especially families...

Most people will have their holidays if they in their homelands...

Keep safe...

Le Balcon des Jasses

I'm nervous, very, I prepare every room the best I can, follow our government's guidelines, and invest lots of money on the new "kind of Chambre d' Hotes, Table d' Hotes life"

Can I do it?

The first booking, (wedding party) on the 15 of May.. Grrrrrrrrrrrr


Wish my well

Hi from a very nervous Lucy.

Le Balcon des Jasses

Le Balcon des Jasses

I do not use Booking.com for payment, have own terminal.

If booking less than 7 days before arriving, charge 50%.

If no show I charge 100% (but not tourist tax)

I will properly give a Credit note for up to a year if people don't show up.

Now I prepare, (training my self) for my wedding party in 7 days..Grrrrrrrrrr

I will let you know...


Hi from Lucy



Hi Lucy,  I like your policy.  How did you set up to have own terminal?  Do you use 3rd party bookings?

Thank you, Marita

Le Balcon des Jasses

Hi Marita.

You can use a different system, I use Izettle, www.izettle.com

You need a Ca, and tablet (I have a Samsung) but you can use an iPad, but not a very old one.

Its easy, card reader is contactless.

I pay a 1.5% commission, Booking.com charge 3%. You can use your bank, my bank use a Wifi system, its expensive, but the commission is only 1.1%.

Another system is SumuP its good, but expensive.

I'm happy with Izettle, make a Deal with them, and you are your own boss.

Just ask

Hi from Lucy