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Partners that are colaborating with Booking

Hi All. So we have one family run apartment that we have available on for holiday (days, weekends, weeks renting). On extranet application we have configurated prices, availability etc. Somehow (aparently no one from Spain's hep center can explain it) it is being offered by some partners of Booking on very low price (much lower that we have them settled on extranet) without informing us. We do not have our apartment on any other platform, just BOOKING.COM. And so....moreover some gests are calling us that they have a reservation of our apartment with that lower price but we do not even get any notification neither via booking extranet nor via email as usual and the apartment appears still available on! Can someone help us??? the guys of Spanish help center recommend us not to work with booking! this is amazing...

Apartamento Marina

Have no idea. Apparently the help center of booking cannot now it neither! Today finally after the other call to help center the miracle has happened and the special great deal of our apartment has disappeared...after 5 days of calls and messages. Thia is amazing. I thought Booking was much more serious that that...absolutely disapponted