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Password trouble

Hi! I have just finalized my new listings on here and now I can’t log in.

I have changed my password probably 10 times now because tells me that my login details are incorrect. I reset my password and logged in to the extranet. Every time I try to log in I get sent straight to the pulse app where I have to re-enter my details and every time it says that my username or password does not correspond with the one I just created.

can someone please help me out? Thanks xx

Heidi Steffensen

Thanks for replying. I tried to log in using the browser on my phone, but since I had already downloaded the pulse app the website directed me to the app (opened the app automatically) when I entered my username and password. But I tried on my computer later that day, and that worked :)



yeah the full featured extranet is ONLY available on a computer browser   on a computer , not a mobile device.