a payment which booking says that took place on September 24th but no money was credited on my account.

Booking is acnowledging our phone calls and mails. It is supposed to pass our complaints to the finance office but we have no reply for two months now. What can we do?

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Χλόη Κουτσουμπέλη

we were supposed to get paid from booking on the 24rst of September and the invoice states that we have been payed. Booking kept its commission. The money on the other hand was never credited to our account as the bank statement shows. We never took the money. We tried to contact Booking again and again by mail and phone only to face their complete indifference or the official promise of representatives who are supposed to contact with the finance office, but for some reason never do. Two months have passed and we are starting after a two years partnership to think of leaving Booking if it withholds our money. We fear this will happen again. Does anybody have some similar experience to advise us what to do?

12 days ago