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People just don’t read

Do any of you have the issue of stupid people that don’t bother to read your listing?
Most of mine don’t, so they think they are booking into s motel, clearly if you read past the first couple of lines, it states we are a bed and breakfast!!! So what does it take to get people to read more than a couple of words?!?!

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Yes this is a common issue and apart from the type of accommodation I find that they also do not read all the T&Cs - what I find useful is to follow up with an email and reminding them what it is they actually booked to avoid surprises later!

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

Totally agree with you. I specifically put B&B into my heading so they know what to expect. Especially that there is no kitchen for them to use.

But it is a Homestay, which is only in the detail which some people haven't read. One of my photos has a picture of my dog sat on the bed, which seems to get through to people more than the text. Fortunately most people get a great experience.

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Ian at Numurka… 3 years ago

LOL. ...I must laugh at this. we had a guest recently that send me a SMS messages asking to top up the breakfast basket for her - when its a SELF contained Apartment and -

the supermarket is across the road,

then she wrote on the guest review that she ran out of coffee toilet paper and milk....

I was so mad. ..and sent her a message about telling lies. she never asked us to give her any of those things.

..then she complained to booking.con and we had one of our properties closed.

yes- ppl don't read AND people don't communicate properly.

its a pain in the arse at times...

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Lindiewhite143 3 years ago

Hi all

I agree, we live in a 10 second-next-headline-selfie-ADHD society! And lists of any kind or any Ts & Cs are usually just read by proofreaders looking for spelling mistakes or paralegals looking for loopholes.

The best way of communicating and emphasizing house rules, I've found, is by asking people to sign (yes, that old-fashioned thing with a pen and paper) a reservation form stating they agree to abide by the house rules plus keeping a refundable safety deposit to be returned only after their departure and inspection of the property.

But we're in this business because we still enjoy interacting with and learning from others and their ways, so we adapt or die, don't we? :-)

So the struggle continues

Festina Lente In Onrus
South Africa

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Unfortunately guests don't like reading. A friend of mine told me that the only thing he reads in listings is the reviews. They prefer pictures.