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Phone number of the guest


I cant see the guest phone number. Three day later it can be seen, but now no more. No active hyperlink on guest name. What can i do? Thank for answer!



Hi Květa Vitásková



If you do not have it enabled under Property > Policies >  Guest Info, that will be why.

Its always good to enable it and their address, helps prevent fake bookings.


Then just message the guest - "Incomplete profile, please provide a phone number and postal address. Failure to comply will void booking." or words to that effect.




Kind Regards

Květa Vitásková

Thank you very much for your answers. Under Property > Policies > Guest info is the guest phone number request activated. It have been ever come, no problem, but science last three for days no more.

So I will contact the helpdesk.

Have a nice days!