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Phoning (future) guests, during emergency.

How to reach a future guest or guests on the way? 

I had to reach out to someone since the council had blocked roads because of the flooding and there was no way I could contact the guest. 

Since BDC only gives telephone number of guests' home number. The guest was not able to hear my phone call or read messages.

The guest could use a special chip at destination country, but how do they notify the host? (Since hosts already have home number) The guests were not at all aware of the flooding at all. 

My guests were on an island and no excess to phone/wifi the day before arrival. On the day I left a message they could only read it late in the day. 

Because of the emergency state, I found alternative hosting for someone in need but could only use the unit when sure the booked guests were not turning up for sure. It luckily turned out well this time around but could have ended frustratingly bad. 

But still like to be able to access guests by phone. 

What systems are in place in your country?

And how can BDC make it easier (within the system) for hosts to contact guests? 

I know you can buy a roaming plan as an add-on. Or just put a chip in own phone from a holiday destination.

Could we make it compulsory in the system that the guests' contacts host the day before to be sure all is OK? Or what other system is in place for BDC? 

I like to know what ideas you have. 


Aaltje B. 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Ella,

Thanks for posting!!!

This is a situation that I have been faced many of times since guest do not reply to our messages unless they get lost and need further information.

I have seen in many listings in the fine print that hosts state that guests must contact the property before arrival...

Its not a bad solution if guests read!!!

As soon as I have a reservation, I always send guests a message to let me know of the arrival time...sometimes it works....sometimes it doesnt...

I would like it very much if guests would call us a day before to check that everything is ok....but all guests are not so responsible....

Hope flooding is over and wish you a wonderful weekend.


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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

I agree  , but the couse of the problem is not solved. 


The flooding.: mist roads are open now. So expecting most guest are able to continue travel apart from westcoast and central parts