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Photo challenge: share with us a photo of your Christmas atmosphere!

Hello partners,

Are you in the Christmas mood? If yes, share with us your Christmas atmosphere photos: Christmas tree, dinner, decorations? Happy times? You’re welcome to share your mood in the comments! 

M Adamopoulou

So it’s Christmas

This year our granddaughter Marietta wanted a miniature Christmas tree🎄



Thank you for sharing your photo!

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei, 

Wish you a very Merry Christmas, joy and happiness to you and your family 🎄

M Adamopoulou

Dear Debbie welcome to the Partner Community.

In your comment box there is an icon for pictures click on it and when it opens you can add pictures from your gallery... 

Hope I’ve been of help...and wish you Merry Christmas 🎄 


problem is I do not see a comment box  to send  a photo from my gallery :(


M Adamopoulou

This box you are writing in  is the comment box...

In the second line the second last icon to your right is the icon for pictures...

Hope you find it...

Wish you all the best for the holidays.