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Pictures for different flats

Hi there,

We recently launched our second property on, since it is in the same building as the previous one, we did not create a whole new listing for it. The problem we are experiencing is the fact that potential customers can only see the pictures of the first apartment on your platform and does not allow the guests to see the pictures of the flat they are booking.

Could you please advise us on the best way to solve this problem? Kind regards,


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jaybeegee 2 years ago

If you go into admin portal and select Property -> Photos you have the option to select whether you want a particular photo applies to one or both properties. See sample below:

photo assignment


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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

We have multiple properties on the same estates - they are similar size and layout, but inside each one is very different. Therefore, we have totally separate listings (on every OTA) for each property. This avoids any problems with guests being confused etc - they can see exactly what they're booking. It also allows us to manage the calendars more easily and more effectively across all OTAs. It also allows us to set pricing independently for each property etc. I would suggest this is a better way forward. With, you can also have a Group Account which you log in to and it simply lists all properties in your account. Click on one and it goes to that property listing. Send a message to BDC from your Extranet to ask about a Group Account. Within that, you can click on Account at the top right and "Add new property" (although you can do this within your existing listing, I'm not 100% sure if it works the same way as doing it from a Group Account, so check with BDC first!).