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Please can I have a contact number to call

The phone number for Cape Town just rings 

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BrookAve 1 year ago


hi try the public list link below, to pick another with same language


Reminder: Never post action requests, will never be seen nor actioned.

If needed, Simply report to BdC Partner Support , see below 3 methods.


Message or Call BdC PartnerSupport ***


  1. In the extranet, go to the ‘Inbox’ tab.
  2. Select ‘ messages’.
  3. Right Pane - Click on ‘See Contact Options’
  4. Choose Account
  5. Now choose Other
  6. Then at bottom , See all contact options, and click Message or Call
  7. As there is no one number for all partners, the number for your nearest BdC Partner Support is then revealed.

    *** public main lines via Where you can reach us  

  9. How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile

  10. how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox

Daniel Retief 11 months ago

Good day


how does one accept or decline a booking

Ismini Karali 11 months ago

You can't decline a booking.

You can only send a cancellation request to the guest, but he needs to accept it in order to be considered as canceled. (no fees charged of course)