Please Cancel Fake Bookings.

Please help us to cancel the fake bookings, it ruins our business. And the genuine customer didn't able to reserve rooms.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Sudy735 and welcome to the forum.

This is a space to chat and advise with other Booking.com partners. It sounds like your issue would be best resolved from one of booking.com support teams. You can reach out to them via your Extranet Inbox tab and submit your request. Hope I’ve been of help.


Working with your local immigration department might help reduce fake bookings. Booking.com have told me that there is nothing they can do to prevent the ones we get in a written message response so I sought other ways to reduce the time wasting problem.
In our country this problem is part of a massive immigration scam, taking advantage of the odd quirks in the booking.com system.
These people are using the booking.com system to get fake confirmations, using stolen or fake credit cards, for immigration scams to show proof of accommodation. We get several of those everyday. And the 24 hour wait due to the strange policy of forcing us to wait 24 hours on replacement of stolen or fake credit cards, together with the system of instant confirmation with no credit card checks, indirectly encourages the fraudulent immigration scam to continue.
We are now trying to work with immigration, the non paying scammers get deported, and hopefully they'll leave us alone, with immigration and the airline now calling us to verify reservations from the particular culprit country. Losing a bit more time, but if it prevents us wasting hours on the fake bookings it's worth it.
But sadly due to booking.com's platform system that seems almost to encourage the problem, I guess another hotel will end up with the same issue.

Xirundu Lodge

Thank you so much for this information! I was wondering what on earth is going on - why would people make fake bookings?! This is deifnitely the best answer. What country are you based in, if I may ask?  I'm very tempted to cancel our booking.com listing for this very reason - their instant confirmation policy means our calendar is getting blocked with fake bookings! So unsavoury and leaves a bitter taste in one's mouth...