Please help, my account's closed due to Fraud Review

Dear friends,

I'm seeking for your advice if you have experienced on closing account due to fraud review. I'm totally desperately now since I don't know why the review was detected as fraudulent while all reviews come from our guest who have booked through Bcom. I have contacted Bcom many times but they refused to disclosure the descriptive and specific situation. Please help to share if you have any idea on this.

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Sorry to hear, it sounds as a temp suspension until they finish review.

Or is it because of feedback reviews form guests are suspected as being fake?



6 months ago
Dushyant Dwibedy

I totally have no idea. I only noticed the situation when I contacted Bcom because my account is closed. I called Bcom but the support agent said she doesn't know other detail than a general reason "Fraud review". She shared that only fraud dep know but can't connect me directly to them. Covid 19 made a bad impact on my business and Bcom made it worsen =(((((

6 months ago