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Potential EU Flight suspension from Friday 20th March for 30 days


Hi Fellow EU partners,


With the info going around to day, and something I heard third hand we may need to plan for no new check-in visitors this month and April.

The prudent thing to do now is to contact everyone and offer a rescheuling directly with the guest.

Of course if they did book a package holiday or choose a flexible rate then fair enough.


I have already contaced my march bookings to advise of rescheduling, no refunds on non -refundable. and how BdC does not have my consent to refund that rate type.

I am covered by EU Consumer Law , BdC is not and will be liable for doing so.

I have also sent a detailed message to the finance dept in BdC pointing this out.


I heard from one guest from CostaRica , via uk. she had been over there in UK for a few weeks already, and when she came in through Dublin airport, the immigration officer she spoke to said she should plan to leave by Thursday.


I also saw a news flash briefing on my phone popup about a potential 30days flight suspension in Europe.


Like most things at moment it may only be an idea or contingency, as I said nothing offical announced fro m what I can find.


Be interesting to see if any of ye have seen or heard similar today or since the weekend?



Its now official EU leaders met yesterday, no mention of when it will start  but EU borders are to close.


it was on news last night.