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Pretty disappointed with, get nothing through this site yet booked out via airbnb. Is it worth it?

I'm wondering if it's worth staying with  As a traveller it's my go-to, I love it.  

But as a host, I am getting zip, absolutely nothing.  What's wrong with the search engines? What could it be? 

Constant bookings through Airbnb and nothing through this site.  About to close it all together and stick with Airbnb.  Any reasons why I should stick around?



Could be anything from, location, time of year, covid, people not allowed travel internationally etc


But it costs nothing to keep it open for potential bookings.



Jo Collinge

Thanks BrookAve, but becoming more trouble than it's worth.  

Just seems odd that all those factors don't impact on bookings through Airbnb, the list you provided don't seem to be barriers for people booking through that site?

I suspect it's seach engine related.  I have the cheapest property by far, but unless you search by lowest price first I don't feature.  Regardless of having 3 promotions running, secret deal, early booking incentive as well as previously having mobile rate specials.


Right time, right person may be waiting for you. Wait and watch will be the result for the moment.

Account Adviso…

Hi Jo Collinge,


As a new property, you may wish to look at visibility boosting programs such as the Preferred Partner program or the Genius program to help you stand out with additional tagging. Over time various factors such as conversion, cancellations, reviews will organically determine your ranking on the site. It's also important to note each search is very unique depending on the guest's previous search history (eg. if they have looked at your property before, you will also appear at the top next time they do a search for the area).


As mentioned, you will only be charged commission on bookings that have stayed - there are no additional costs to maintaining the listing.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.