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Price and possibility to book on googel maps are not displeyed

Hi, prices and the possibility to book on google maps are not displayed. Is it possible to somehow set the transcription of prices on Google in the extranet? thanks Dorota



No this is not a feature, no OTA has that.

Thats a Google business listing , you need to setup with google itself.

and there will be a claim ownership option on the existing one.


Kind regards

Ubytování v so…
I have a Google business active, and everything seems fine. Therefore, I do not understand that prices from are not revealed. Is there any link or guide where you can set on google business prices from
Account Adviso…

Hi Ubytování v soukromí Opolany u Poděbrad,


Google Hotel Ads is the Hotel Meta search product of Google, which compares hotel rates from different advertisers for specific dates. We have no control over when this product is triggered, and it can happen that for some properties Google doesn't show it.


To ensure the best chance of your property appearing, please ensure your listing:

- Is open and bookable - Has rates and availability loaded. - Name and address on and Google is the same. - If you are listed on TripAdvisor, ensure your TripAdvisor ID is linked to your listing


Kind regards,

Shirley E.