Hi all. 

My house sleeps up to four, but most of my guests are couples.  At the moment I have to set the standard rate for four people and apply a  discount if there are 3, 2 or only one in the group. Can I set the Standard Rate to be for 2 people and then add a rate for any additional people?

Thanks for your advice.


Isle of Wight …

Not sure whether you can do that or not, but will ask, do you really want to do that?

We have self-contained properties that sleep between 4 and 8 people. If a booking is only for 1 person, that property is booked and no longer available - we can't rent out the other beds separately. Therefore we set a price-per-property, regardless of whether it's 1 person or 8. Any form of different pricing based on the number of people is discounting, and simply results in earning less, not more. Once you set different pricing for a different number of people, you'll get bookings for 1 person and a whole family turn up - they will find ways to avoid paying extra. This is a common complaint from hosts. Even with our pricing-per-property, we still get some people booking for 1 and turning up with a whole family, but makes no difference to us as we get paid the full amount for the property.

M Adamopoulou

Isle you have a point there, people try to take advantage...

I also have set rate per property.

Dan Heslop

Thanks guys.  

Good points.  My concern was displaying the maximum rate/occupancy and it putting off potential guests of two.  Other platforms provide the minimum rate for two and add on from that.  I've only been STRing for a year so haven't had the unfortunate situation of number of guests arriving not matching the booking number.  Something to expect I guess.


M Adamopoulou

You are welcome Dan.

Please don’t forget to introduce yourself and share some pictures of your beautiful place.

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