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problem of code not arriving at home

Hello all, trying to find the solution , as I am new on

I put my house on Booking. After putting  my address, It is asking me the location to be able to send a code by post.But it has been 3 months, now, and I have never received it.

" Your code was sent on the above date from Amsterdam (Netherlands). If you still have not received it at your address within 20 days after it was sent, you can request a new code." 

Which I did several times, and I never received any letter.

Someone can help me to fix this pb?



William Dennett 1 year ago

Pretty much the same thing with us - 3 times they claim to have sent a letter, they haven't, then they started threatening us to withhold payments. Because they have failed in their tasks.  Tried ringing, but they don't answer. Will probably endup with lawyers pretty soon.