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Problems with ‘cancelled booking’

I had 6 guests stay at my property for 2 nights (they were booked for 4) the caravan site insisted they leave at the start of lockdown which was ordered by the Welsh government. I was told, as they had flights booked) that the cost of finding them somewhere to stay would come out of my money, which I firstly think is unfair as I was happy for them to stay at the time although I had tried to put them off coming due to the COVID situation.

ive just recently been able to visit the caravan due to Welsh travel restrictions and it was in a disgusting state!!! so, not only did I not make a penny, I spent 4 hours cleaning a pig sty that was left 4 months ago!  As the booking was ‘cancelled’ I can’t make a claim for damage/ excessive cleaning.

What on earth do I do ( I have lots of pictures)





As the shutdown was government issued, you should not be charged a penny to relocate them.

If you have been I would recommend challenging that for a refund to you.


When exactly was that group on site?

When exactly was the government lockdown start?


You could open that booking, to report the issue but it may be too late to do so.



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Hello Thevan482! Welcome to the Partner Community. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the guests. It would be right to contact support and explain to them what happened.