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Problems login in

Hi I before managed to login, I have had problems with this last month. I get this error at the partner affiliate site:


Login failed. No access rights.


Have I been banned? 



Great thanks, I was looking to confirm if it was just you calling the Extranet by another name.

So now I know its two different things.

This is the first mention of this other sister partner site I have seen in 10 months.

For next step I would suggest contacting one of the main lines ,since you likely do not have Extranet access.


If you do then :Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods


If not : contact one of our main lines



There is also a Forgot password  option on that page it might be worth trying first.



Kind Regards.

Andreas Harkiolakis

The phone took too long to answer. How do I get extranet? I need to register renting out places and such? Maybe I didnt send theme nogh visitors and or sales, leads. Some affiliate programs have a minimum req. per month. I see my affiliate link doesnt work no more, it says "contact"