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Problems with opening our spot, name doubled on site.

Hello, we are having problems with setting our place back online.

First of all "our" spot (***) is called the same as the one over here: We believe we where first to be called that way and we would like it to stay as it was. Secondly, I've updated all the prices and availability till the end of the year and we get a message that our place isn't open for reservations. How can I fix it? Is it connected with our names being the same? Thank you very much, Dawid


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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Kamienica Gdynia - David,


Welcome to Partner Community.


Is the property name  "Kamienica Gdynia"?

I just checked your partner profile and there is no property link to your listing, please provide this.

See guide below on how -to.


With my Sherlock Holmes Hat on I found this is polish location and possibly one of these two:



B & B -


The simplest solution would be to just insert another word into the property listing name

and since ye are two different types the logical thing you should do is rename to one of these :


  • Kamienica Gdynia B&B
  • Kamienica Gdynia Hostel





Kind regards


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Would love to see you property listing, but it is missing from your partner profile, please take a moment to add it. It can in many topics help us help you more efficiently.

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Kamienica Gdynia 2 years ago

Hi again, I've added the property url to our page. Yeah so I know it would be easy to change our name to something different but we really want our name back. <-is us <- this is them I am sure that we had that name first if it changes anything. One more thing did anyone form call us? We had a few call i believe form Barcelona but we didn't manage to answer them. Kind regards, Dawid

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BrookAve 2 years ago



Simply no theres no option to seize a name, its only based on first come first served.


and ye are two different businesses also, you will have to either leasve it as is or append like i suggested or a new name entirely.


There simply is no option to contest the name, that I have ever seen.


No court would entertain this either



I strongly doubt BdC was ringing you if you have not made direct contact yourself, and normally replies would be first an email