Profile Image

For some reason I cannot upload my profile image, the little ring image just keeps turning and turning. Any Ideas what I can do ?

Alli Fielding

I am having the same problem, would love to know the solution. Will advise if I find out

M Adamopoulou

Have the same problem....

Sometimes it works....sometimes it doesnt....

My profile photo is not in the right side...I cannot turn it.

I want to upload pictures and I have to try again and again and no result.  As fluff said bugs....bugs...bugs everywhere.

Please BDC support team have a look to this matter....

Thank you in advance for your kind support....

Don Burns

The digital resolution of your profile photo is too low to post.  You need a photo that is at least 150 KB.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Don for this detail but I don't think that's  the problem because sometimes I can and sometimes I cannot upload same image. 

Take care...