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Profile Picture


uploaded a profile picture which is correct way up on my pc yet is 90% out when displayed.  Being clever I tried altering a copy on pc by 90% and re-uploading only to find am still laid down lol.  

Any tips to getting me upright (clean ones) please?


Hi Andy, 

Thank you for your post! We will contact our developers team to find out what can be a possible cause of this issue. 

Looking forward to your next post!  


Thanks Sergei, looking forward to a response/solution to this issue.


Hello Andy! We had an investigation about the reason of the profile image wrong rotation. So the thing is your profile image seems to be defined as "a landscape" not a portrait. It can probably happen because it was shot in a landscape mode on your smartphone. After you upload your image to Community, our system makes automated optimisation of it and treat it as a landscape. 

So in order to fix this, please, make an image in a portrait mode or just delete meta-data from the image. If doesn't help, please, let us know in the comments. Have a good day! 

M Adamopoulou

Sergei this problem with profile pictures and uploading pictures in general is not working well from the moment this new Partner Community has been launched.

Hope your developers team can fix it.

Wish you a great day.


Thanks for reply Sergei however most platforms you upload to allow rotation of photos so why not BC?  I have checked every setting I can find regarding the photo but unable to find what you mention so can not alter it.