Property abroad but no bank account abroad

Hi, I cant find the answer anywhere. I have property in Bulgaria but I am citizen of Czech republic. Price of accommodation is in Bulgarian currency (it cant be changed). Bank details - I tried to add my Czech bank account for payouts from booking but it says that I can only add bank details (IBAN) of local bank. I dont want to open account in Bulgaria. Is there any solution? Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Hi Jan,


As far as I know bank account has to be in the same country the property is...


For more details you have to contact BDC directly through your Extranet inbox....


Wish you well ?



Some solutions to consider:

  • Use someone in the Property Country as youragent and therefore payments can to their account on your behalf, utilies and cleaners locally can be then paid from that.  
  • Setup a Bank account locally, typically involves having a bank reference form your residence country, and other similar documents, such as the deed of the property in the remote country.
    • Unfortunately, the requirements will vary by country so cant give any generic advise on it.