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Property damage

Our single December 6 guest backed her truck into our front driveway wall, dislodging seven bricks.  My wife and I saw the damage after our guest returned that evening.

When our guest was about to check-out the next morning, she did not mention the brick-wall damage she caused.  So, I asked her about it.

Instead of apologizing, the guest said our driveway entrance is poorly designed (see photo).  I am more upset our guest attempted to leave without telling us of the damage she caused, than the wall damage itself.

Although I can reassemble the dislodged wall bricks, shall I give this guest a negative review for her dishonesty?



Community Admin

Hi Don Burns  ! Thanks for posting in the Community! In order to avoid similar situations in the future and to protect your property, we would advise you to set up a damage deposit. Please, see guidelines here:

It is also possible to report the guest misconduct to our Customer Support team:

Good luck!


Oh hell yes report her and blacklist, that attitude should never be allowed.


The neck on her to try such a n underhanded misdirect.