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property description and photos problems

  • I can not change my property description
  • I add some photos good quality but i can not see them, and when i want to add again i receive  message that they are duplicate 



Hi Jovan 


Correct you can only amend facilities & services, room details, so that the computer generated Description can update.

You can however  do two things:…

View and manage a change request and add details to The Fine Print area too.




Simply delete the old photos first, then upload the replacement.




Kind Regards

Jovan Makedonija

Sorry i don't understand about photos. I can not delete photos because i have and i sow only one photos. And when i want to add new i receive message that Photos are duplicate .

Jovan Makedonija

"This is a duplicate photo. If you are trying to replace the existing photo, please delete the original first.''