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Property shows as unavailable on

Hi, my property was showing as available when i had joined but I had to make it unavailable for a few days last week.

however now that I have made my property available in the calendar for more than 1 month it still shows as unavailable on

I have checked that there are no restrictions in place (such as min nights requirement) and the number of rooms that I have made available is greater than zero.

Please help. 

M Adamopoulou


Maybe if you edit your profile and  add your property link partners can have a look and help you.

Wish you well.



Come back and share what you learned form it.

How it was fixed,

The root cause and steps to resolve.


That is how this Partner hub can grow by sharing.



Sanchita Purohit
Yes ofcourse. I had messaged the customer care through Pulse app and informed them of the situation. I believe that it was a technical glitch from their end so they replied saying it has been fixed. I am not sure about the technicality that caused it but it had nothing to do at my end. Apologies if this isn't very helpful!