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Property views

Hi, I am new on this, just 14 days...but in the report of property views, show me 0 views...Why, i know few people who viewed may property, i also recieve 1 reservation...Can somebody explain to me pls?

rgs, Slovenia




Hi Darja Mali

That all sounds normal to me.

Since only 14 fays, its unlikely you have received your verify code by post ??


Bearing in mind a typical rookie issue is new partner gets bookings before they have all the relevent settings complete in Extranet.


So make sure you have everything setup so there are no surprises.


As I occassionally see new partners trying to make changes to existing bookings due to settings that were not set or pricing is too low due to a discount feature.


I would not worry about view counts, and instead make sure everything else is right.


Typically things to look at:

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Kind regards


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Jessica von Haff

Hello there, 

I have been having the same issue. I have been on since early march and used to see search views, property views. They have not shown up lately. 

I still get reservations, which is the most important, but would love to know about the viewings as well.



Hi Jessica,


I think you are referring to the Extranet Menu called Insights.

Near the Finance menu.


This will give you many types of stats on how your listing is viewed etc.


Jessica von Haff

Yes... It has just not been updated in now 4 weeks. I do not know how many views (search and property) I have been getting. I used to and now it is all in the zero.