Providing local restaurant information

Of the several "extras" we provide our guests, the list of area restaurants and attractions are the most enjoyed.


I type on a sheet of paper:  the name, street address, phone number and types of food served of each local restaurant.    Then I print this restaurant lists on my home computer printer for guests to take with them on their area adventures.  Click these weblinks to see example:






The printed pages also include a list of area attractions, with miles (kilometers) from our house.


Our guests really appreciate this information, which they can take with them.


very nice.


I've been toying with the idea of some infographics with local map for nearby option, but its finding the right balance and finding time to put it together.


Then once formed on screen I hope to do A4, and then scale it to A3 for in the  rooms.



M Adamopoulou

Dear Don, 

Thanks for sharing your helpful ideas.  I like your list very much.

Guests must appreciated very much.

I was wondering how difficult is to create a link in Google maps with all these interesting places so we could have the possibility to send the link directly to our guests and have it saved in their mobiles....

Barry do you think this is possible???


Actually yes 


That Google feature already exists.


You can logon as your google account to the map website, then pin all locations around you.


Then I think you can save/share that list. 


I will look in to it and confirm first.



M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry...

Please let me know if you find it...

I think it’s most useful.

Thanks again for your help.