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the public page

i changed on sunday my page details so the my house can have 9 people yet booking still shows only 8 anyone knows why?

M Adamopoulou


Have you saved your changes???

Maybe you should call your local BDC office and ask them to fix it for you....they will fix it on the spot...


Have a nice day and remember to edit your profile😊


Aaltje B.

Shalom from New Zealand , can't waIt to see you guys again. You always bring diversity, knowledge and new ideas to us . Stay safe , 

Guy and Ella 

Aaltje B.

9 ...   do you have a backpacker's place ? Or just a giant house? .Show us your profile details, like we share ours ;) 

See search . 

Peace to you all .

Ella and Guy 

Kaka Point 

NEW Zealand