Quality Rating or Star rating

Hey folks,

I have an apartment listed on booking.com and from the start, the property has 3 stars displayed next to the name in the search result. I recently found that I can choose between the quality rating that booking provides or a star rating. Booking says that if you have a quality rating maybe I would have more booking etc. What do you think, which option is better for me? Will I have better performance with a quality rating?

Sergei - Commu…

Hello Apartmani MONAKO! Welcome to the Partner Community, and thanks for raising an interesting question. I featured your post, so more partners can see it and join the conversation. 

Apartmani MONAKO

Hi Sergei, thank you for featuring my post...I think this topic is not covered well on a topic.

M Adamopoulou

I’ve been exchanging messages with support team so my property can have quality rate!!!

Excuses...excuses... cannot understand why quality rate is not appearing in my listing...