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Quality Rating Score-confusing partners!!!


Sergei  Pilly - Partner Marketing  

Since 2019 I have exchanged (30) messages and dozens of calls with BDC...

Every time a different one of them they replied....

Besides the review score, the eligibility criteria include a number of stayed reservations and timely paid invoices. As I can see, you have not yet reached the threshold of stayed reservations number, when the system 'upgrades' property status (usually around 40 stayed reservations).....”

I have read the Quality Rating Score article...over and over again...cannot find (usually around 40 stayed reservations).....”such statement anywhere!!!

If that was clearly mentioned in the article I would not have joined the Quality Rating Score...since I am a newbie....and it would have saved me and BDC time!!!

Nevertheless, many new properties in my area with only 2-3 reviews have diamonds in their listings!!!

Maybe BDC should rephraze and update their Quality Rating partners do not get confused..... if their above reply is correct!!!


I would highly appreciate if partners could share their thoughts and ideas!!!


Sergei - Commu…

Hello, M Adamopoulou! As I mentioned before, I shared this with my colleagues. Unfortunately, so far I can't provide you with any more information. So I really hope for your patience. As soon as I know more I will let you know.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei,

Sorry, if I have bothered you with my issue...although you are not responsible...


Wish you all the best!

Aaltje B.

But good to get this sorted though... 

I guess it is tricky because of the different venues Booking represents. 

shared spaces, rooms, flats, houses, hotel rooms, apartments....they all offer hospitality but they are not for the same kind of traveler and their rating too varied. Right? 



Aaltje B. 

M Adamopoulou


Its tricky because BDC article about Quality Rating Score is not clear!!!


In with DIAMONDS in their listings they have this notification...


Quality Rating👑👑👑


Awarded to home and apartment-like properties by   These diamonds represent quality ratings based on factors including facilities, size, location and service!!!



Nowhere here...of course but neither in their article in Extranet they mention that properties have to have 40 stayed reservations!!!



M Adamopoulou


This rating is only for Vilas, apartments and holiday homes.


It is very disappointing that BDC system   cannot update my listing 


Quality Rating Score is very important for our properties....especially in these difficult times with COVID19.



Aaltje B.

Thank you for explaining Maria .

For Airbnb there is the plus (+) formula , so people can upgrade if they qualify. 

Booking could do the same to distinguish from basic accommodation. 

Curious now ! 

M Adamopoulou

Massive pleasure Ela!

Yes....I know about AirBnB....


 Cheers 🥂