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Quality Score rating -bugs...bugs



In 2019 BDC introduced “Quality score rating” with stars...

Since then I have been  trying to understand why my listing is missing this quality score rating...


”All facilities and amenities are correctly configured..

All unit sizes and bed configurations are correctly”.... but still system has not evaluated my listing!!!


BDC send my request to a specialist...Unfortunately issue still remains unresolved...

Today I contacted my Support Team again...they couldn’t understand why my listing although eligible doesn’t have a Quality Score Rating!!!


If anybody can help me on this matter I would highly appreciate it.


Thanks again in advance.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei,

Please inform your specialists that my listing is still missing Quality Rate Score. I guess this bug is a very hard one.

Thanks in advance.

Sergei - Commu…

Hi M Adamopoulou! I shared your problem with a few teams who are responsible for the products. Unfortunately, the issue is indeed a bit unusual, so it will take some time to fix it. Hope for your understanding and patience.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks for your kind assistance....


I do have hope, understanding, patience ...


Have a nice day.

M Adamopoulou

Hi, Sergei  

Still you think I have hope that somebody from BDC can solve my problem???


Thanks for your understanding!!!