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Hello. I have a question. We have a Holiday home with 6 bedrooms to rent for a group of people. They rent the whole house with all the rooms. But when people book the house, the calendar shows that there are still 5 rooms available to rent. The people are confused wenn they have booked. I tried to change it so that it is booked as a complete house and not a guesthouse where you can book different rooms, but I don't succeed. Can anyone help me with that. Thanx a lot Dick and Dorine Moselhouse Tante Emma.

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Account Adviso… 1 year ago

Hello Dick and Dorine,

If you're using a Channel Manager, you can go through them and change the number of rooms to sell from 6 to 1 (but ensure that you're actually selling 1 entire house and not 6 rooms). If you're manually managing them, you can simply go to your calendar and bulk edit the number of rooms to sell. However, this is just a general advice based on what you've mentioned. There might be more to it and it's best to speak with to understand further or how to resolve.