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Question of the Week: Holiday packages. What are yours like?

With the holiday season around the corner, what are you doing to get the most out of this busy travel period?

Special Christmas menus? Cross promoting with local holiday events? Creating gift baskets with items from local suppliers? 

Share your tips and photos in the comments below!

Sara Jarvis

As an events ceo we have our own gift baskets from my business

But last year I just put all my prices up high at Xmas as London gets sold out very quickly so we don’t need deals.

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately I am closed this time of the year. Since I will have my friends and my family coming over for Christmas and New Year I am just preparing small gifts to give to everyone after dinner time.

Anthurium Apartment

Well, this year i will be having, one of my guest,who is coming for her 4th time to my place.We have become personal friends as most of my other guest. she have already called ask to ask me,what am i preparing,so she could know beforehand,what to bring with her.The other guests,will be a first timer and i have already updated her on our culture


Our prices are set all year round, so public/school holidays usually fill up fast. Yes, we could price load in the holiday season, but it is our way of 'giving back'.

Graham Fisher

Could I just remind UK accommodation suppliers that any "package" beyond the pure accommodation now puts you at risk of problems under the new UK Package Holidays legislation - even recommending a local restaurant can cause you headaches, if the wording is to be believed.... although I guess a few people will have to be sued first to sort out the legal limits of this legislation.