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Ilaria - Community Manager

Question of the week: What’s the best habit your guests have?

Hi everyone,

With guests coming through your front door every day, you meet a lot of new people – and with new people come new habits.

Are there some things your guests do that you really appreciate? Maybe some of your guests always strip the bed before they leave?

Maybe others leave a note in their room to thank you for your hospitality?

Post your favourite guests’ habits in the comment section below – and see if you share the same as any of your fellow partners!



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Andy 2 years ago

Best habit is vacating early so I can get the room/bedding cleaned etc...  :)

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Don Burns 2 years ago

Among our framed list of house rules, we ask guests to place their used bath towels in the bathtub at check-out.  Nearly all do this.


But most guests feel the need to remake their bed, as though it was not slept in.  This is a bother for us, as we must remove all bed covers, blankets, sheets and pillowcases, when we clean the used bedroom after check-out.


Should I add to our house rules that guests are requested to "strip their beds" at check-out?

Marcus 2 years ago

Yes, very annoying when guest  make up the beds.

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pibomarco 2 years ago

No, this is a job for the staff.

Those who remake their bed is basicly just a sign of their respect and good manners.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Most of my guests leave my Studio as tidy and clean as they found it. Some of them don’t use the extra towels I provide them and leave them in the closet unused nice and folded. I highly appreciate it this since I don’t have to do extra laundry...

Most of them take the garbage with them and throw them in the big cans down the road.

Some of course leave me small presents but best habit is when they give me a big warm hug and a kiss thanking me for a great stay and a promise that they will come back...

Wish you all great moments!!!



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